Personal Tuition and Guided Days

Why coaching?

There is no other sport where personal coaching is so valuable. Getting started is not easy. A visit to a fishing tackle shop or fishery can be overwhelming and unhelpful. An early session or two with a licensed coach gets you through the frustrations of learning to assemble tackle, of casting, and gives you the confidence to go fishing alone. You’ll also save a small fortune when you buy your own fishing tackle.

Fly fishing

You cannot fly fish until you can cast………but being able to cast does not mean you are an expert fly fisher! It takes time and practice but personal, one-to-one tuition quickly turns the beginner into a rapid learner. Individuals develop at different speeds so, normally, I only coach small groups (up to 3 individuals together).

Coarse Fishing

There is no tradition of personal tuition and coaching in coarse fishing partly because the sport, until recently, was rooted in local clubs. The club system is now breaking down and parental fears about risks to youngsters discourage informal tuition. The answer is a licensed coach, certified as competent in first aid, risk assessing and teaching who has been checked by the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB).Getting started at coarse fishing is easy! Casting takes only a few minutes to learn and basic skills are acquired quickly. Beginners catch fish! There are different species of fish to catch, many methods and lots of venues.

Fly Tying

Learning to tie your own flies is a ‘no brainer’! Even the simplest trout flies retail at £1.00 or more yet the hook and materials involved cost pennies. Fly tying is an indispensable fly fishing skill. Do not let anyone tell you it is difficult. The basic skills can be learnt quickly. The benefits are enormous! I can provide all the equipment . Friends can learn together. It fills long winter evenings. And, you develop a macabre interest in ‘road kill’.

Guided Fishing

‘Guided fishing’ with a coach providing advice and encouragement is an integral part of personal tuition to refine technique and create new skills. Experienced fly fishers know there is no substitute for experience. Many UK fly fishers, who would never fish in Ireland, Scotland or anywhere else in the world without a ghillie or guide, come to fish the challenging Midlands trout reservoirs for the first time and assume they can happily go it alone. For some, self-discovery is part of the joy of fishing and good luck to them, but there are also disappointed anglers on the boat jetties at the end of a ‘hard’ day who feel they have wasted valuable time and their money! A guide is a short cut to knowledge

Charges and Concessions (with reductions for groups and families in 2021!!!)

Individual tuition costs £35 for an hour. Sessions of three or more hours are £20 per hour.
Such tuition is also available to small groups (up to three persons)
Family Groups (parent(s) and any number of children) only £55 for three hours.
All tackle and equipment is provided if required.
Guiding is charged by the half day (4 hours) because this is all many clients require.

The cost is £80 for up to two people including all equipment required but excluding permit and boat hire costs if appropriate. Various permit options are available. Under 16 year olds can fish for free on Anglian Water reservoirs when accompanied by a season ticket holder like me.
Coarse fishing guiding is also available with prices on application. There is a wide range of possible options to meet client needs. But, be warned, I will not offer a service if I cannot guarantee to provide expert guidance in your area of interest!

Corporate Days

Ask for information on hospitality and fly fishing for your guests. I can arrange a treat for honoured guests or a light-hearted team building day for staff trying out a new activity away from the office. Wonderful days, tailored to individual needs, can be organised.

Phone Allan Sefton on 01480 465723 or 07850 759751

Gift Vouchers

Can there be a better gift for a keen angler?

The service I provide is not just for beginners. No matter how skilled the lucky recipient is, he or she will be able to agree a plan with me to help improve those skills or to be guided on a new water.

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Recent Publications

Allan Sefton writes for Trout and Salmon the UK’s premier game angling monthly magazine each year.

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Allan’s book, “Getting Started at Fly Fishing for Trout” was published on 21 March 2013. This book is aimed at the beginner. It is a comprehensive, well illustrated guide and it is remarkably cheap!

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Allan’s latest book, “Fly Fishing For Salmon” was published on 19 November 2015. This book will explain clearly what the absolute beginner needs to know. It will help solve the technical problems and common faults faced by 'improvers' and those advancing from trout fly fishing and other disciplines.

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Allan's latest book entitled ‘Get Fishing’ published by Merlin Unwin Books ( will be published on 28th March 2019.


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