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Getting Started at Fly Fishing For Salmon

In 1971 Arthur Oglesby’s book “Salmon” was published. His experiences catching the ‘king of fish’ fired my enthusiasm for salmon. It has never dimmed.

Another book, “Salmon Fishing” by Hugh Falkus, who was already a game fishing god, was published in 1984.  It immediately became the salmon fisher’s ‘bible’. If salmon fishing is your religion, it is still a gospel to be studied.

However, salmon fishing forty to fifty years ago was different to today. Salmon runs were stronger, their seasons varied, most fish were caught by spinning or on bait, access was severely restricted and international travel to fish for salmon was in its early days. And, the development of modern salmon fly-fishing equipment and techniques was in its infancy.

I wrote “Fly Fishing for Salmon” which was published in 2015 to help all salmon fishers appreciate and adopt these changes.  More importantly, it was to help aspiring fishers to understand and embrace a challenging, new salmon fishing world.

Many readers have been very complimentary. But, perhaps some of its target audience was missed simply because it is not an expensive, picture-filled hardback.

Inevitably, the salmon world is changing still. I am working on an update!

Allan’s book, “Fly Fishing For Salmon” was published on 19 November 2015. This book will explain clearly what the absolute beginner needs to know. It will help solve the technical problems and common faults faced by ‘improvers’ and those advancing from trout fly fishing and other disciplines.

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