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Allan Sefton lives in Hemingford Abbots, a pretty Cambridgeshire village, which sits on the banks of the Great Ouse. All around there is excellent coarse fishing. Grafham Water, one of the best trout lakes in Europe, is five miles away.

Allan was educated at the University of North Wales, Bangor in the 1960’s. He became a biologist and was awarded a Ph.D. for research in freshwater ecology.

His time in N. Wales was not wasted. It was a productive period in his parallel career as an angler! He caught his first salmon from the River Ogwen, enjoyed great trout fishing (of both the brown and sea varieties!) and landed some big bass from the Menai Straits and the beaches of Anglesey.

Later, a Senior Civil Service career, mostly with the Health and Safety Executive, took him around the UK, including long spells in Scotland. He was, in turn, Head of the Offshore Safety Division, the Director for Scotland (a post created in the wake of devolution) and finally HM Chief Inspector of Railways.

Despite the demands of work, but sometimes with the help of the international travel required, Allan has caught salmon to over 20lbs in Scotland, trout to 8lbs in the Midlands reservoirs, big pike, barbel and other coarse fish from the Great Ouse valley and even the ‘Grand Slam’ of a bonefish, a permit and a tarpon in one day from the coral flats of Los Roques in Venezuela.

In 2006 he retired from the board of HSE and satisfied a life long ambition by spending the next 12 months obtaining a Level 2 Qualification in Coaching Angling. This is the highest level qualification currently available from the Sports Council for coaching angling.


He is a member of the Game Angling Instructors Association (GAIA)


Allan has worked voluntarily as a coach to members of the England Youth Fly-fishing Asociation (EYFA) which manages the successful England under-18 international team. He also provides free coaching to members of his fishing club, the East Midlands Trout Fishing Association (EMTFA) www.emtfa.co.uk and Invicta Fly Fishing Club www.invictaffc.org.uk. Allan coaches beginners and guides fly fishers on the famous Anglian Water reservoirs www.anglianwater.co.uk and at nearby smaller waters such as Elinor Trout Fishery. www.elinortf.co.uk


“Allan Sefton is a licensed Level Two Angling Coach. For several years, he has provided personal tuition and guiding services at Elinor. He is happy to design a bespoke, four-hour course for a family group or three or four friends which is tailored to their ability and experience. He is the author of the popular ‘Getting Started at Fly Fishing for Trout’ "Buy from Amazon"  Click here which is the perfect book for beginners.”

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The service I provide is not just for beginners. No matter how skilled the lucky recipient is, he or she will be able to agree a plan with me to help improve those skills or to be guided on a new water.

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Recent Publications

Allan Sefton writes for Trout and Salmon the UK’s premier game angling monthly magazine each year. www.greatmagazines.co.uk

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Allan’s book, “Getting Started at Fly Fishing for Trout” was published on 21 March 2013. This book is aimed at the beginner. It is a comprehensive, well illustrated guide and it is remarkably cheap!

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Allan’s latest book, “Fly Fishing For Salmon” was published on 19 November 2015. This book will explain clearly what the absolute beginner needs to know. It will help solve the technical problems and common faults faced by 'improvers' and those advancing from trout fly fishing and other disciplines.

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Allan's latest book entitled ‘Get Fishing’ published by Merlin Unwin Books (www.merlinunwin.co.uk) will be published on 28th March 2019.


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